Beekeepers Supply

Woodenware and Misc.


8-Frame Hive Complete $150.

Includes top, hive body, bottom board, & 8 frames (no wax).

Deep Hive box $25

Bottom Board $10

Super Hive box $15

Lid $10

No metal cover.

The FatBeeMan No-Drown Hive Top Feeder $25
FBM No Drown Feeder ePlan $4.99
Now includes tips video

Mite Vaporizer $175

Custom product made in Georgia to Don K.’s specifications. This device uses 12 volt battery to vaporize Oxalic Acid.  This is an organic and safe method to control mites. Includes measuring cup.

A free class comes with the purchase of this device given by Don K himself.

Don can be seen using this device in the picture pages.  This equipment is warranted for one year against manufacturers defect.

Beetle Trap $2

Simple Don K invented device to organically control the hive beetle.  Made from plastic sign material and filled with boric acid.

Frames $2.00 each assembled

4 staples on top and 2 on bottom.  These frames will not come apart.

Mite Treatment Frame $25
FBM Mite Treatment frame ePlan $1.99

Treat Verroa Mites with this frame. 

Prices quoted are for Pick Up at Don Kuchenmeister’s Bee Yard.

Please call or email Don for more pricing details.  (Shipping etc).

Then, you can pay through PayPal.  Don will send email and you can pay through PayPal.

Contact Information:

Don Kuchenmeister

292 Ashley Brook Dr.

Lula, GA 30554

(706) 677-3502



Wax Mills -

Metal $2,000

Plastic $1,300

The FatBeeMan Baby Nuc Box $35
FBM Baby Nuc Box ePlan $2.99

The FatBeeMan Entrance Feeder $10
FBM Entrance Feeder ePlan $1.99

FatBeeMan Ross Round Box $15
FBM Ross Round ePlan $9.99

The FatBeeMan 5-Frame Nuc Box $45

Your choice of medium or deep nuc boxes. 

FBM 5-frame nuc Box ePlan $2.99

FatBeeMan Queen Timing box $50
FBM Queen Timing box ePlan $9.99

Queen Lure / Swarm Attractant -

1 bottle pure queen lure 1/2 oz. contains 1 queen along with swarm attractant

$39.50 shipping included

FatBeeMan Tips and Instructions for making the No-Drown feeder Video
Now included in the FBM No Drown Feeder ePlan $4.99

8-Frame Hive from Poplar $200. 

Can be beautifully finished with polyurethane if your hive is on display in a garden etc. Includes same pieces as above Hive box. Other hardwoods often available.

The Poplar FatBeeMan No-Drown Hive Top Feeder $30

New double bowl option shown.